DFSR Event 4004: Error: 9098 (A tombstoned content set deletion has been scheduled)

I have come across this error a few times in my environment and have seen a few solutions

The official DS team blog below


In my experience this isnt the full solution and I have had to go one step further and remove the data on the non replicating server before replication will resume.

Here are the steps I use:

  1. Backup Data
  2. Delete the replication group
  3. Force AD replication
  4. dfsrdiag pollad
  5. Confirm in the DFS Replication Events that there is an event 4010 stating that the replication folder has been removed.
  6. Rename the replicated folder in Explorer to something else
  7. Create a new folder which will be the new replication folder
  8. re enable replication between servers ensuring the correct server is set to Primary
  9. dfsrdiag pollad
  10. Monitor logs and resource monitor disk activity on the source and destination servers to confirm replication is occurring.

There is another solution out there that deletes the entire DFSR database in system information store, although this does work this is not always an ideal solution especially if you have multiple replication folders in the same volume.


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